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20170707 Neuroptimal Stock 42.jpg

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training

We offer only one service - NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training sessions.  These sessions are offered in our office.  Clients are seated in a comfortable zero gravity chair or rest quietly on a massage table.  Children (or adults) can play easy games, read, draw, or color if they want. The measuring electrodes are put on the head, baseline sensors and a grounding sensor are put on the ears, and headphones or earphones are put on.  The client then relaxes for 33" during the session while the music plays and the computer does its thing.  See the Neurofeedback tab and the video on the home page for a description of what is happening.  


The initial session with consultation is $175 and lasts 1 1/2 hours.  Individual sessions are $125 and take about an hour.  We offer a discounted price for a 10 session package of $800.  We accept cash, check, or credit cards (including HSA cards).

How Many Sessions do I Need?

There is no set number of recommended sessions for individuals, as each persons' brain and brain patterns are different.  For some, life changing shifts happen after 3 sessions. For many others, we see significant shifts in the 6-12 range.  Some will continue for 20-30 sessions.  Others rent a unit to use for several months, and some buy a unit for continued use on their own. You can compare it to working your body at the gym - some go for just a bit to get over a hurtle or get their body up to speed while others go on a more regular continuous basis.  We are training your brain, and just like your body, everyone's brain and what they want or demand from it is different.  As a general rule, if your challenges are due to recent events in your life, you might feel done after 8-10 sessions. If your challenges are due to multiple conditions over many years, you may want to continue for 10-20 sessions. The more sessions you have, the more comprehensive the results.

A survey of trainers with just under 3 Million hours of training found the following:

  • 47% said they expected to see shifts in 1-5 sessions

                                   48% said by 6-10 sessions

  • 39% said significant change was expected by 6-10 sessions

                                   45% said by 11-20 sessions

  • The majority felt the changes were significant and lasting

Most commonly, clients complete between 11-20 sessions.  To see the type of shifts that clients experienced, see the Research Section of the Neurofeedback tab.

Please note that the above results were achieved with an earlier version of the NeurOptimal® software. With advances in computing power, technology, and programming the current version is getting even faster results!

What Can I Expect After My First Session?


Every person and every session is different.  Everyone is beginning from a different starting point. The goal of training is to achieve the changes discussed on this page and the Neurofeedback Page.​  People usually feel relaxed and refreshed after their sessions, however the first session can be like going to the gym for the first time.  After an initial gym workout, some people feel energized, while some people feel tired.  Some people are more relaxed and clear headed, while some people feel stiff and achy.   We are training the brain to respond differently. This can challenge the brain, just like physical exercise challenges the body.  The brain may respond initially by being calm, relaxed, clearheaded, energized and alive or with a headache, grogginess and fatigue.  Just like the body adjusting to physical exercise, any unpleasant responses to the brain training are temporary.  Each subsequent training session becomes smoother.  Brain training has begun its job of restoring flexibility and resilience to the brain, so that the brain can function optimally and efficiently.

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