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Rick Stockwell, Physical Therapist


As a Physical Therapist and former Certified Athletic Trainer, Rick has been working with patients for 38 years.  He knows how an optimally functioning body should perform.  He also has personal experience with how a dysregulated nervous system feels.  It’s not pretty.  Rick has spent the past 12 years of his practice focusing on helping to restore dysregulated nervous systems that have been thrown out of balance by trauma, stress, surgery, illness, injury, and disease.  When Rick was introduced to NeurOptimal®, he instantly recognized the tremendous value this tool could have in helping to restore flexibility,  resilience, and balance to the nervous system.  He also witnessed both personally and first-hand the dramatic effects and positive life changes that NeurOptimal® can manifest. 

Rick knew he had to add NeurOptimal® training to what he was already offering to his patients at Sunrise Physical Therapy, so that this amazing tool could benefit the people in need in the Four Corners region.  With the support of his wife, Lisa, he started Brain Train Durango.  We are here for you and our hope is that you may enjoy NeurOptimal® as much as we and so many others have.

Lisa Stockwell


Lisa has been in the healthcare industry for 40+ years, working mainly in hospital settings.  She is familiar with how disease effects people and their loved ones.  She knows the value of optimizing ones health and the negative outcomes if one ignores the warning signs.  Seeing the amazing benefits of NeurOptimal®, she was eager to help Rick bring this valuable tool to the area, and assists Rick with the treatment sessions.

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Brain Train Durango

100 Jenkins Ranch Rd, Ste E5

Durango, CO 81301

Tel: (970) 749-5308

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